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Induction is a  method, completely different from all other technologies.


The power electronics coil (represented by the red lines) produces high-frequency electromagnetic field (represented by the orange lines). The electromagnetic field penetrates the metal of the magnetic ferrous cooking vessel and sets up a circulating electric current, which generates heat. The heat generated in the cooking vessel is transferred to the vessel’s contents. Nothing outside the vessel is affected by the field–as soon as the vessel is removed from the coil, or the coil turned off, heat generation stops.



Benefits of Induction Cooking: Faster : As energy is directly transferred within the pan metal, cooking on an electric induction range is extremely fast. In the food service industry time is money. Safer : The surface of an induction top doesn’t get hot. Cleaner : With no grates or grease catch to worry about, clean up is a breeze. Just use a damp cloth and wipe over the flat, easy-to-clean surface. Cooler : Traditional gas or electric ranges waste up to (and usually more) than half the heat they generate. The waste heats the kitchen, thus increases cooling costs. With an electric induction range, almost no ambient heat is produced, since all the heat is being generated in the pan itself. Advantages & Safety Features Designed to meet voltage fluctuations No shock Does not reach a hazardously high temperature Instant control on temperature Effective and consistent heating Cooking surface is heated only by the vessel size No Toxic Gases emitted Flame and Hazard free kitchen Pollution Free User Friendly Reduces ambient heat of kitchen significantly Cool Kitchen for staff, thus reduces fatigue level and increases performance No overheated surface, hence absolutely safe on oil spill Doesn’t cause burns when we touch the ceramic surfaces Exhaust hood and fresh air circulation can be reduced Saving Features Costs must be considered on an individual situation due to numerous variables in temperature differences, facility layout or openness and heat generation schedule. 45%* – 50%* cheaper than Electric Resistant Coil 40%* cheaper than LPG 20%* on saving in Ducting 20%* oil saving in oil usage 90%* Efficiency If each one of us saves 2% on petroleum products , the country can save on crude oil import.