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Induction Sand Roasting Machine

Category: Food-Processing

Lorman manufacture Sand roasting machine is developed in an efficient manner using the best quality of material to roast peanuts and grains by using cleaned sand. This sand roasting machine is widely accepted and used across the globe, Our machine uses induction-based technology that can save up to 60%* of energy compared to LPG  this product is widely applied in various food processing industries for perfect roasting of nuts, Beans, Paddy, and Grains. clients can avail this sand roasting machine in customized size at an affordable price.

Place of origin Bengaluru, India
Brand name Lorman
Model LT-SR
Usage/Application Roasting Nuts, Beans, Paddy & Grains Etc
Roasting Capacity: 600 Kg /Hr.  (Fried Grams)
Power 50 kW
Voltage 415V, 50Hz
Min Temp 45°C
Max Temp 300°C
Efficiency 90%*
Warranty 12 months
After-sales service provided on-site


1.    Energy saving. Even Heating.
2.    Accurate temperature control.
3.    Fully automatic. Temperature, drum rotating speed, and heating power can be controlled
4.    40%* Cheaper than LPG, Electric Resistant Coil.
Packaging Details: As per customer requirements
Delivery Details: 15 Working days 



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