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About Lorman

About Lorman

Developing, Manufacturing and exporting towards optimal energy saving in Commercial and Industrial Kitchens.

Extremely Quality Conscious

Priority number #1 at Lorman is maintaining our renowned standards of quality.

Regular R&D

A dedicated team of engineers who make sure every new technology is being used by Lorman.

Brand Innovation

We strive everyday to pioneer in all fields from innovation & evolution to deliveries & deadlines.

Cost Effective

The IT factor of Lorman is that we are leaps & bounds ahead of competitors in Pricing & Delivery.


Our motto always is “Heat the food, not the Chef!”

Lorman Induction Technologies

The Price Factor


Gas Burners
  • 0.98 Kgs/hr - Actual Load
  • 0.31 Kgs/hr - Effective Load
  • 5 - Run Hours / day
  • 466.75 - Cost / Day in ₹

* Cost of Electricity calculated at Rs.10.00 / unit
* Calculated for 365 Working Days / Year
* L.P.G.efficiency 32% calculated @ Rs.95/kg
* Induction Plate Efficiency at 90%
* All in INR
* LPG Kcal – 11000/kg
* Electricity – 860/kW

Our Service

Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.


Extremely quality conscious with regular R&D. Induction innovation at its finest.


Lorman Technologies is an industry leader in corporate & international trade.

Import & Export

Every product goes through rigorous quality checks to make sure we keep up to our export quality standards.


We believe that the quality of our products speaks for itself. Browse through our products below.

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Induction Deep Fat Fryer
Induction Chinese Wok
Induction Fulka Puffer
Induction Bratt Pan
Induction Dosa – Parota Plate
Induction Tilting Pan
Induction Deep Fryer
Bulk Cooking Induction Stove

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